Vice-Presidential Debate

Vice-Presidential Debate

The debate between the vice-presidential candidates last night was a total reversal in form of the earlier presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Democrat Tim Kaine repeatedly interrupted his Republican rival with an almost boyish enthusiasm during the debate, while Mike Pence retained his composure throughout the evening. It was as though Kaine couldn't wait to make his point or refute what his opponent was saying. In my opinion, it didn't help his case.

The talking points were a repetition of what was said during the presidential debate, with each side striking out at what they considered the vulnerabilities of their opponents. Since there was nothing new in content, it was all a matter of how you saw the candidates and their performance.

I don't think the vice-presidential debate changed anyone's mind concerning how they will vote in November, but it was strange that a veteran politician like Tim Kaine didn't seem to learn anything from the Clinton-Trump debate just a week earlier.

Beau Weisman, Editor