Want to Buy A Casino — Cheap?

Want to Buy A Casino -- Cheap?

There was a time when the usual con was "Want to buy a bridge?" or "This elixir can grow hair on your (bald) head in one week." Nowadays, the scams are so numerous and varied that almost any offer, letter or email you receive could be a con.

However, in this case the offer of a casino in Atlantic City, NJ, is real. Among the casinos now up for grabs are the Revel Casino Hotel, Trump Plaza, the Showboat and Atlantic Club Casino — all of them for pennies on the dollar of their original cost. The Revel alone cost $2.4 billion and unfortunately never lived up to its expectations.

Competition from casino operations in the nearby states of Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware and Maryland has cut deeply into the gaming market in which Atlantic City had a monopoly for a number of years. Those days are gone and Atlantic City, which by law has a lock on casino gaming in New Jersey, is struggling to meet the competition. Want to buy a casino?

Beau Weisman, Editor