When Will The Killing Stop?

When Will The Killing Stop?

As I sit here contemplating the latest massacre in a mall in Maryland, I think back to my growing-up days when the dreams of young people were getting a good job, marrying that special person and living a good and decent life. Now, based on one horrible incident after another, the thinking of too many young people, it seems, is "How many innocent people can I kill before I'm killed or I take my own life?"

Has the frustration of young people become so great that this is the kind of alternative they must deal with? I don't know the answer and I'm not sure anyone else does either, but it's obvious that something must be done to protect innocent people — and those who (for whatever reason) feel so disenfranchised that taking the lives of others and their own seems to be a viable solution to their problems.

People in other countries must look at us and wonder what happened to that haven for the oppressed where one could make a new beginning and follow his or her dreams. We have the unenviable record of being the most violent country in the world — if you don't count those countries that are at war with themselves.

It's time to stop looking overseas for conflicts we can join and concentrate on the mayhem here in our own country. It's time to rekindle the vision of Ronald Reagan and put the lights back on in that "shining city on the hill." Those lights have gone out for too many families.

Beau Weisman, Editor