Will Salt Water Taffy Become NJ’s State Candy?

Will Salt Water Taffy Become NJ's State Candy?

Legislation aimed at making salt water taffy New Jersey's  State Candy was introduced by Assembly Democrats John S. Wisniewski, Vincent Mazzeo, Gabriela Mosquera and Benjie Wimberly at the request of fifth grade students at a Sayreville, NJ elementary school. Chances are it will pass without much objection.

Once that important measure has entered the books, perhaps we can concentrate on the governor's veto of the "Sandy Bill of Rights," which basically says that municipalities that suffered the most damage in that storm should receive the most federal funds; that applications for those funds should be easier to understand, and that the application process should be more transparent so that applicants will know where they stand in that process.

That legislation was passed unanimously in both houses of the legislature, but when an attempt was made to override Gov.Christie's veto, Republication legislators who had voted for the bill cast their votes against the override. A new attempt to override the veto is expected later in June.

Another area of concern is the governor's delay of property tax rebates/credits until late in the next fiscal year. Assembly Appropriations Chairman John Burzichelli indicated that Gov. Christie might try to eliminate property tax rebates and credits to ease his budget crisis which, among other things, is the result of a shortfall of $807 million in taxes.

"Why else would he suddenly be delaying payments of this vital relief until late next fiscal year," Burzichelli said. The property tax rebates, part of a state law that is more than 50 years old, provides a $250 annual deduction in property taxes for eligible veterans and seniors — and for the surviving spouse if the veteran is deceased.

It's nice to know that salt water taffy will finally gets its due, but there are more pressing matters that need attention in Trenton.

Beau Weisman, Editor