Winter Storm Jonas: Where Was Christie?

Winter Storm Jonas: Where Was Christie?

The following (in part) is a letter to the editor of the Cape May County Herald. It was written by Bob Scardino of Woodstown, NJ, and published February 3, 2016.

With all of the weather warnings provided by meteorologists and possible scenarios for damage along the coastline, our governor waited until the last minute to come off the campaign trail because he didn't see the need. (He said) the lieutenant governor could handle it. 

At my fire company, we followed our usual company protocol; we manned our station with our volunteer first responders for a period of nearly 48 hours to provide rapid response to the needs of our community and our surrounding neighbors. As I sat on stand-by crew, I witnessed flooding and wind damage to South Jersey shore communities — as well as numerous water rescues carried out by first responders.

As the hours passed and high tides progressed through areas such as the Wildwoods, Sea Isle City and Ocean City, to name a few, images of flooding and devastation to homes and business were everywhere, worsening with each high tide. No additional aid was provided from northern New Jersey communities to show reciprocity from (Hurricane) Sandy.

As the storm progressed and eventually pushed away, Governor Christie declared that "no real damage has been done in New Jersey" and he went  back to the campaign trail. (He later) ascended his bully pulpit at a campaign event calling the mayor of North Wildwood "crazy" for comparing the damage suffered to that of Hurricane Sandy and lambasted the question of a young lady in regard to the damage in North Wildwood stating, "Do you want me to go down there with a mop?"

I consider these remarks a complete insult as a taxpayer and a first responder who willingly risks life and limb for the people of New Jersey. If this man becomes president, what will he tell the people of Tornado Alley after disaster, "Do you want me to come out with a dust pan and broom?"

Furthermore, rather than viewing the damage himself, he sends the lt. governor to do his bidding as he steals money from the taxpayers of New Jersey to pursue his selfish political aspirations rather than doing his job and providing for his constituents. As a governor, he is a public employee, and with his absence from the state, especially while  disaster is looming and areas of the state are in need of management and resources to recover from the damage, Governor Christie should be charged with theft of service as he still collects a paycheck on the backs of New Jersey taxpayers.

Beware, America; this man is a charlatan and a bully.